Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a family session?

Sessions range from 1-2 hours. I don’t believe there should be a time limit. This amount of time allows for location changes. If we are in Sayulita, we may move between the beach, town, and various streets. If we are in your home city, it could be your home, a nearby park, or a special spot in the city. 

Do you do mini sessions?

I do not offer mini sessions. I feel the best sessions take more than 30 minutes to capture the best candid moments. Children also require potty breaks, and snack breaks and I have found that it is best to be accommodating to the little nuggets. Photoshoots should be fun and not stressful. 

Why should we have our photos taken from you?

When I photograph families, my goal is to tell your family’s story. To document your family, your unique dynamic, and what makes your family special. I like kids with personalities that keep me on my toes, the challenges. I love them. I feel good taking those kinds of photos, and you will feel good being photographed. Creating timeless images that you will enjoy looking at now and in the future. I won’t make you do weird or unnatural poses or ask you to say “cheese.”  We will create magic together.

What should we wear?

Wear what makes you feel the most comfortable and suits the location in which we are shooting. I love when parents let their kids pick out their own outfits to record their personal style at this particular moment in time. If they are wearing different socks or have ink on their arms, leave it, it’s real. Think comfort and authenticity for you and your family. The one clothing item I do not recommend is shirts with logos, as they can be distracting in the final image. Oh, and floor-length dresses at the beach never work well. 

Where should we have our photos taken?

It depends if we are at your home or if you are on vacation in Mexico or another destination. I can provide you with ideas and am always welcome to your thoughts. If the family session is where you live, my favorite way to begin is to start in your home, document your life as it is now—its beauty and the chaos! Your house doesn’t have to be perfect, looking like it’s ready for the cover of Elle Decor. From there we can move onto a park or another place that is special to your family. 

What is your style?

My style is photojournalistic and relaxed. My goal is for our photoshoot to hang out as friends so that you forget I am taking pictures. I will give a bit of guidance here and there to ensure I am getting the best angles and the best light. 

As for the kids, we will play! Kids are always asking me to do this and that with them and tend to forget I am working and taking their photos. I love these moments of play and capture some of the best images this way. 

Do you include the family pet?

Of course! I love when pets are part of the mix. They add a sense of playfulness and at times hilarity to a photo session. Documenting the special bond kids have with their pets is so important. 

How much is the shoot, digital images, prints, and book?

We will discuss all of these details when booking your session. Based on what you are interested in, I will customize pricing for your session. 

Do you do photo retouching?

Due to the care and expertise in taking the photos, I only do minor modifications to the final curated images. Everyone is beautiful and I do not want to take away from the beauty that is you. 

How long until we receive our images?

My standard turnaround time is 2 weeks. During the holiday season, it can be a bit longer. I will always give you a time frame of what to expect at the end of your session. 

Do you only photograph families?

As long as people are part of the menu, count me in! I have photographed weddings, bar mitzvahs, headshots, birthday parties, graduations, lifestyle, you name it. 

How do I book a session?

Feel free to contact me through my website. If you prefer to chat, I am available to connect that way as well. See my contact me page for more details.