Asha and Sonia

Asha and Sonia are always so polite and great to work with. We started out in their Tribeca apartment with Fax their awesome dog. We laughed and laughed and his expressions are priceless. We made our way down to Pier 25 it was windy, but nice and warm. See you next summer at your new

skylar and sabine

I adore these girls!!! Skylar and Sabine are so polite and sophisticated for their age, it’s really refreshing. A rare rainy day in San Francisco kept us inside, but they have a beautiful house so that wasn’t an issue. They were so into being photographed and made sure that everything was in place, their attention to detail is amazing

the melang’s

It was perfect timing to be in Seattle and document these last moments of baby Paxton in his mom’s belly. There were a few contractions during our shoot to add to the mix. The bond that the Melang Family has for one another is so strong. They were sharing stories in the bed as if