Family session at the beach with two adorable sisters Amel and Noa

It took awhile for Noa to warm up to the idea of having her picture taken, but once she did, she was unstoppable. Amel on the other hand was totally into it and Buttercup even joined. They are such adorable girls with such different personalities. I loved getting to know this family while they were

the shermans

Most infrequent bloggers mention how long it’s been since they have blogged, because they are too busy. Well, I tend to not follow the crowd, but this time, I am (sigh). I have simply had no time to blog. I just returned from a relaxing, rejuvenated holiday and am ready to blog away! My website hasn’t even been


We started out at Baker Beach on this sunny fall San Francisco Sunday. But it wasn’t until we made our way to the Presidio to the Andrew Goldsworthy Wood Line installation when Isla truly shined. She is such a vibrant little  girl with the cutest giggle. I was having the time of life photographing her


The morning of Hurricane Patricia I photographed Jane and her family for the first time. It was a very uncertain morning, wondering if it was going to strike my home in Sayulita. Jane had me smiling and tearing from laughter…what a special little girl she is! She is so sprite and funny for her 4