family of four laughing on couch at home Portland Oregon
brother and sister dancing in waves Southampton New York
Black and white photo of two sisters and dog jumping off of the couch Tribeca
African American girl laughing in her bed Portland Oregon
Sisters with capes and masks in Prospect Park
three African American siblings on shore Sayulita Beach Mexico
Dad kissing young daughters forehead Capitol Hill Seattle
mother and three children laughing on the couch Piedmont California
Brothers in front of a mural one with a paper umbrella in front of a mural Oakland

Capturing Real Moments

Portrait Photography | Family & Kids 

New York, Sayulita and San Francisco

As a visual storyteller, I feel the best photography evokes an emotion, feeling, or memory. Images that remind you of how the sun felt on your face while you were on vacation in Mexico or how your child made you laugh when they showed off their skill for balancing a mini umbrella on their nose. 

Moments like these cannot be staged or planned. They happen naturally while we are chatting or the kids are playing. During our session, formalities will quickly drift away, and the fun will begin. I aspire to capture authenticity. The messy, playful, joyful, hilarious, loving, and fun that is your family.

Family Photography Sessions

I love photographing the essence of magic and love in your family. Photographing occasions for you to look back on and enjoy for years to come!

Georgia has been capturing family memories for us for almost 10 years. We love working with her. She listens, accommodates and makes adjustments on the fly. Georgia has the patience and creativity to consistently deliver great pictures of children—even those who are camera shy. She also has a great eye for color, composition and lighting. She has created all of our most iconic family pictures. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Zach, Sayulita Family Session

The Nosotros Project

Transgender people are just people; they have jobs, families all that normal stuff. I really just want to portray who that person standing right in front of me truly is, what it is that makes them, them.

Discover My Favorite Places To SHOOT

Upcoming Travel Dates:

While this year is a bit different from years past, I am still planning on some travel. I am excited to spend time with each family that I am able to connect with and photograph during this strange year! Of course, our session will be safe and I’ll be masked up. I will be fully vaccinated by the beginning of May! If your city is not listed on my travel calendar, don’t hesitate to reach out and request a visit! I am happy to jump on a plane to visit your family. 

  • New York City + The Hamptons: August 27th – September 8th
  • Portland, Oregon: September 18th and 19th, 25th and 26th
  • New York City: October 1st – 3rd
  • San Francisco + Carmel: October 8th-11th

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Georgia Glennon

Hola! I am Georgia!

I spend my time between New York and Sayulita I am a portrait photographer specializing in family photography. I also photograph couples, weddings, events, basically anything with humans. I also work in The San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto + many other locations. I am currently working on a transgender photo series for a book and gallery showings.

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